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Statutory compliance with PCB, SOCSO, EPF,EIS,HRDF

IR8A, App 8A/8B, IR21 Support

IRAS eSubmission via API

Tax opening balance setup

Multi-country support

Custom group admin rights

Integrated with Xero, QuickBooks Online and NetSuite

Employee P-file

Custom fields

Configurable access to information

Organisation Chart


Statutory compliance with sick, maternity, paternity leave

Custom entitlement (based on calendar/financial year, tenure and grade)

Leave adjustments with expiry date

Application by day or hour, and on non-consecutive days

Off-in-lieu requests


Clock-in with GPS via mobile selfie

Configurable alerts (e.g. late clock-in)

Attendance report

AI-enabled facial detection of irregular clock-ins

Automated policy-based OT calculations

OT report generation in under 2 seconds

Roster management on both web and mobile

Integrated with SafeClock for facial recognition, door access and temperature detection


Mobile expense app

Custom expense categories

Scanning and reading of receipts with OCR

Automatically updated exchange rates

GPS-based transport claims

Up to 7 levels of approval

Assign claim submission rights to other employees

Editing of expense claims by approvers and reimbursers


Custom policies (based on seniority and tenure)

Custom benefit types per claim or annual caps

Up to 7 levels of approval

Other Features

ISO 27001 certified security

Login via SingPass

Login via SSO (Microsoft, Google)

Custom notifications (e.g. joined date, work pass expiry)

Custom report creation via drag-and-drop


  • How does JustLogin Recruitment AI module match candidates to job positions?
    The module leverages advanced matching algorithms to compare candidate profiles with job requirements based on various factors such as skills, qualifications, experience, and preferences, ensuring better alignment between candidates and roles.
  • Does JustLogin Recruitment AI module provide analytics for hiring decisions?
    Definitely! With JustLogin Recruitment AI, you can leverage on AI-generated analysis to evaluate and compare candidates by analyzing the retention likelihood, skills and qualifications. This approach helps mitigate the risk of hiring mismatches, ensuring a more effective recruitment process.
  • Can JustLogin Recruitment AI module help in screening resumes?
    Yes, the module can screen resumes efficiently by analyzing keywords, skills, experience, and other relevant criteria specified by the recruiter, thereby speeding up the recruitment process to avoid downtime.
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