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Payroll systemm for Malaysia regulations

Payroll System
for Malaysia Regulations

Our fully-integrated and feature-rich payroll software makes payroll processing painless.


Still doing your Payroll manually ?

Save up to 75% of your time eliminating paperwork with JustLogin. Our integrated, cloud-based HR solutions automatically calculates your payroll and is perfectly compliant to Malaysia regulations.

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JustLogin Payroll System Key Features

Awalys up to date

Always Up -To- Date

The contribution rate and other policy changes are constantly updated to keep up with Malaysia statutory regulations.

Custom dashboard

Custom Dashboard

Run payroll in 3 simple steps
​through our Payroll’s easy-to-use management dashboard.

Auto calculation

Auto Calculation

Automatically calculates EPF, PCB, SOCSO, EIS and HRDF Calculation for each employee.

Forms generation

Forms Generation

Automatically generate Form E & EA files pre-populated with your employee payroll information.

Accounting software integration

Accounting Software Integration

Fully integrated with QuickBooks Online, Xero and Oracle NetSuite, creating a seamless and error-free transfer from payroll to accounts. 

Overtime and leave deduction

Overtime and Leave Deduction Calculation

Overtime hours and no-pay leave can be automatically transferred from Attendance and Leave for overtime pay and no-pay leave deduction calculations.

Access control security

Access Control Security

Control employee and payroll administrator access to sensitive pay information to ensure privacy and security.

Mobile App

Mobile App

 Employees can view and download their itemised payslips from their mobile app. 

Run your first payroll with JustLogin for FREE now!

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