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VCR Coffee Outlets Are Brewing Flavorful HR Journey!

JustLogin Solutions:

“Our manual payroll process used to devour 3 to 4 days before payday. Now, with JustLogin, it takes just 2 hours for one company, freeing up valuable time for more strategic HR tasks. This represents an approximate 90% reduction in payroll processing time.” said Hazlinda, Human Resources Manager

About VCR

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Malaysia, VCR Coffee Outlets are more than just coffee – they're a playground of flavors and hospitality that'll make your taste buds dance! Starting from humble beginnings, VCR has bloomed into an iconic coffee sanctuary, famous for creating coffee moments that are etched in your memory forever. As global culinary adventurers, VCR's menu is a lively mosaic of brunch delights with a special local spin. It's brunch, but not as you know it – it's a brunch fiesta!

VCR found themselves facing a delightful challenge as they grew rapidly, spreading their coffee love to multiple outlets. The growth that has made them a standout in the industry also brings along its set of complexities, particularly in the realm of HR. The team is working tirelessly to navigate through these hurdles and ensure that the unique VCR culture and excellent customer experience are maintained across all outlets.

"JustLogin simplifies our tasks. We easily submit expense claims on our phones, reducing paperwork. The app is user-friendly, and checking work hours is straightforward. It improves our work process." said Yang Sheng, Finance Manager

Significant Challenges

Inefficiency Across the Board: What should have been a piece of cake turned into a puzzling maze at VCR. HR tasks that should have been a breeze became giant time-sucking whirlwinds especially on leave management and claims. A complete headache that drained precious time and resources for the VCR team.

Tracking Paper-Based Medical Certificates: Managing medical certificates (MC) was a particularly cumbersome process. Imagine collecting, verifying, and storing physical MCs from employees – a tedious process with potential errors lurking at every corner. Waiting for these paper MCs led to delays that frustrated both employees as well as the HR team.

Time consuming for expense management: Expenses meant a mountain of paperwork at VCR. Employees had to deal with physical expense claim forms, print out receipts, and physically trot over to the office with these documents. It gobbled up time and money with printing and admin costs. The finance department at VCR had to manually inspect each expense claim, double-checking receipts and making sure everything lined up with the company rules.

The Solution

Leave requests are getting easier with simple steps by sharing medical stuff just by sending images or scans of the documents through mobile app. Now, applying leave zooms through the system faster than coffee brewing in the morning.

But that's not all! JustLogin turned VCR's expense management into a digital superstar. No more paper submissions and let the team adapt to quick verification. It's like it reads receipts by magic (okay, it's OCR tech), filling in those expense fields without lifting a finger. We're all about keeping it simple and making VCR life better. Cheers to less paperwork and more coffee sips!

90% of Payroll processing time has been reduced for HR team.

Before, VCR used to scramble with pre-payday checks a whole week in advance—talk about a time sink. But when JustLogin stepped in, it waved away that outdated process. Imagine saving a solid 48 hours (about 4 days) a month, that's a whole work week, which used to be spent on these pre-payday checks.

Now, VCR payroll process is smoother than a fresh espresso shot. We're talking a 90% reduction in the time it takes to process payroll and redirecting all that saved time and effort into crafting even better coffee experiences at VCR.

VCR Creating a People-First Workplace Culture with JustLogin!

At VCR, putting people at the forefront is key, and JustLogin truly exemplifies this principle by working as a dedicated ally, laser-focused on crafting a smoother and more enjoyable employee journey. Our approach is all about simplicity and convenience, ensuring that employees have a seamless experience from start to finish. This is the story of how VCR wholeheartedly embraced innovative HR solutions, turning work into a delightfully efficient and engaging journey in partnership with JustLogin.

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