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Product Features



Real-Time Attendance Software

Track your workforce in real-time and anywhere with JustLogin’s time attendance software.


Mobile Clock In

Clocking in to work has never been easier. Simply take a selfie and that’s it! Employees can clock in and out of work easily on the go with geofencing by GPS location and face recognition.

Shift Management

Create unlimited roster and shift combinations to track and manage your shift employees’ working hours each month. View and edit shift rosters easily with a shift roster calendar that gives you a birds eye view of your employees shifts by department. Employees can also check their rosters on the go via their mobile app.

OT Calculation

Overtime is automatically calculated based on each employee’s shift and your overtime policies. Overtime hours are categorised based on different overtime pay rates and will be synced to payroll for overtime pay calculation.


Easily generate timesheets with a click of a button for each employee. No more travelling required to collate physical timesheets from different locations. Submitted timesheets can also go through designated levels of approval.

Powerful Attendance Tracking

Stay on top of your dynamic workforce with attendance tracking that is always accurate – rest assured that your team is where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be.



Employees’ GPS locations are captured when they clock in/out. Limit where they can clock in/out with geofencing around their designated workplace.


Face Recognition Verification

Make sure it’s your employees clocking in to work with AI-powered facial recognition technology. Receive an alert when false recognitions are detected.


Multiple Clock Ins

Clock in and out multiple times per day. Configure your own policy to determine working hours based on first clock in and last clock out, or based on every clock in/out.


Late/Absentee Alerts

Receive prompt notifications for employees who failed to clock in during their stipulated shift to allow quick adjustment of manpower allocations.


Clock In/Out Reminders

Schedule automatic reminders to employees if they forget to clock in or out for a stipulated period after their standard start or end time.



Allow employees can clock into different work sites within the same day.

Other Features


Overtime Requests

Allow your employees to submit overtime requests and to choose reimbursement in the form of overtime payments or off-in-lieu hours subjected to approval.


Overtime Policy

Calculate overtime based on your own policy or we can set it up based on MOM policies.



Generate attendance reports to view overtime, lateness and more.


Integrated to Payroll

Transfer overtime hours to payroll easily for overtime payments.


Kiosk Mode

Employees can clock in from a single tablet or smartphone device with kiosk mode, which supports multi-entity clock in from a single device placed at your work premise.

Integrated to SafeClock


Contactless Door Access

Integrate your Attendance into SafeClock, a contactless temperature scanner and biometric staff attendance management system that integrates with your door access. Clock in when you scan your face on SafeClock.

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