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Our Partner Programme

Let's grow together


Partner Programme

Boost your productivity

Save time and look good in front of your clients when you run their HR on JustLogin. Running payroll for ten users or for a thousand? It’s easy when JustLogin is doing the work for you, allowing you to scale up your business. Generate client reports with one click.

Get more visibility

Be it being featured on our partner app marketplace or our HR partners listing on our website, or organising events and other engagements together. There are plenty of collaboration opportunities for JustLogin partners.

Get preferential rates

JustLogin partners enjoy preferential subscription rates, allowing you to save money and earn more. The more clients you bring on, the better rates you’ll enjoy!

Refer and earn

Know any friends or clients who need JustLogin? Refer them to us and earn a referral fee. It’s just so simple.

Choose From 4 Partner Types


Join our referral programme to be an affiliate to earn as you refer customers to JustLogin. The more customers you refer, the higher the referral fee you can earn. Talk to us to learn about our affiliate programme.


Thinking of reselling an established HR software that’s popular with local businesses to boost your revenue? Look no further. JustLogin has an extensive partner programme to equip you with the right resources to get started. Check out our partner programme below.

HR Outsourcing

For HR service providers, accounting firms or business process outsourcing service providers who manage payroll for your clients, JustLogin has an extensive partner programme to equip you with the right resources to get started. Check out our partner programme below.

App Partner

Looking to join our app digital ecosystem and integrate your app with JustLogin? Talk to us to explore opportunities for product collaboration.

Partner Programme

We have designed an extensive partner programme for resellers and payroll outsourcing partners looking to work with us. 

More than 30 clients
11 to 30 clients
2 to 10 clients

Free Partner Onboarding

Free Online Training

Free Internal Usage

Free Marketing Collateral

Dedicated Partner Portal

Branded Log In-Page

Own-Managed Account

Co-Branding Opportunities

Partner Events

Featured Partner Listing

VIP Support

Why Us?


We're Here For You

JustLogin provides our partners with 4 levels of support you can count on: FAQ, Live Chat, Email and Phone Support.

Make it right

We Just Get It

JustLogin is a comprehensive, integrated solution – one that you can be confident in recommending to your clients for a wide variety of requirements. We pride ourselves on providing security, flexibility and efficiency to our clients, and yours.

We know our stuff

We Know Our Stuff

We have 20 years of experience developing applications to meet every HR data management challenge – that’s expertise you can trust.

Make you look good

We'll Make You Look Good

At JustLogin, we believe your success is also our success, so we’ll do whatever we can to support your efforts. From onboarding, to partner training, to marketing collateral, we’ll use our resources to set you up for success.

We play well with others

We Play Well With Others

With separate modules that integrate with each other as well as many other services, JustLogin can work together with your client’s existing systems to create a unique solution tailored to your client’s needs.

We are here for the long run

We're In It For The Long Haul

JustLogin is a long-term solution. New users and accounts are easily turned on as you scale up, so we’ll grow with you and your clients.

App Marketplace

Create your own business digital ecosystem by connecting JustLogin with popular apps. From accounting, to performance management and even recruitment, we’ve got you covered. Your seamless experience starts here.


Sync Payroll with your favourite accounting software to save time and reduce errors. Automatically sync payroll transactions with your accounting software after each pay run.

Oracle NetSuite


JustLogin HR Cloud for NetSuite enables you to seamlessly transfer your JustLogin Payroll information to your NetSuite ledger. Automatically create journal entries in NetSuite after running your Payroll in JustLogin.



Xero is a beautiful, easy-to-use cloud platform for small businesses and advisors. Born as cloud-based accounting software, Xero has evolved to provide a full spectrum of connected tools and services that can help small businesses succeed.

QuickBooks Online


QuickBooks Online is a financial management software built for your small business and approved by accountants.


Pay your employees through alternative methods like your credit card directly on Payroll through integrations with these payment platforms.



Reap is a payment platform that brings extra cashflow to businesses by partnering with JustLogin, offering all-rounded HR solutions, saving time on payroll, and increasing their cash flow.



CardUp’s platform enables the payment and collection of big expenses using existing credit cards, in places where cards are not accepted today - like employee payroll.



MatchMove is one of the world’s fastest growing fintech companies in digital payments and next-gen banking. Our proprietary Banking Wallet OS enables 'Banking-as-a-Service' and the capabilities of Spend, Send, Lend™ within any app.

Performance Management

Sync your employees on JustLogin to your performance management solution for seamless access for both managers and employees.



Synergita is an Award Winning Employee Engagement and Performance Management Software with features such as OKR, KRA, KPI, 360 Degree, Employee Engagement, Continuous Feedback and Appraisals.


Sync your new hire data to JustLogin as a new employee record through seamless integrations with these recruitment software.



As the software specialist in recruitment technology and automation in Southeast Asia, RecruiterPal empowers employers and professional recruiters to connect hiring teams with great talents seamlessly.

Just Get Started with JustLogin

Collaborative Apps

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Access to your JustLogin account without the need to open a new tab or window and enjoy JustLogin's features from within Microsoft Teams!

Xoxoday Empuls

Horizontal xoxoday

Engage, Reward and Recognise your employees to build a high-performance team. Create a culture where your employees are engaged, collaborative, connected and empowered to perform at their best with Xoxoday Empuls.

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