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JustLogin Mobile App

HR for the modern workforce

The modern workforce is no longer confined in an office. They are tech savvy and always on the go. JustLogin’s mobile app allows employees to handle HR matters wherever they are – at home, on the bus, or at a cafe. Whether they have to apply leave, download their payslips or look up their colleagues’ contact, it’s all there in their pocket. Download free with your JustLogin subscription.

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Download JustLogin's Mobile App!

Access your HR tasks on the go with JustLogin’s mobile app. Manage payroll, leave, and more, anytime, anywhere, right from your smartphone. Download now for seamless HR management on the fly!

Require assistance with installing JustLogin’s Mobile App? Check out our support note here for easy-to-follow instructions.

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Download JustLogin's Expense App!

Streamline expense management with JustLogin’s expense app. Easily capture receipts, submit claims, and track expenses on the move. Download now for effortless expense tracking and approval.

Seek guidance on installing JustLogin’s Expense App? Find detailed installation instructions in our support note here.

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Download JustLogin's Kiosk App!

Simplify attendance tracking with JustLogin’s Kiosk App. Designed for use with Kiosk devices, effortlessly manage employee clock-ins and outs. Download now for seamless attendance management at your fingertips.

Need help installing JustLogin’s Kiosk App? Refer to our support note here for step-by-step directions.

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How to Download & Install

  1. Before downloading, users may need to configure their Android Settings to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.

  2. From your mobile device, Click the Download button. Save the .apk file.

  3. When downloading from your mobile device, Android automatically starts installing on the device after download is complete.


The .apk version is available for download for users that do not have access to the Google Play Store. This apk is safe to download from this page and is free of any virus.


Carry Your Payslips Everywhere

Easily view your latest payslip  and download past payslips in one click.


Manage Your Leave

Apply leave, view your entitlements and check your leave history on the go.

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Get notified on important updates and reminders. It will notify you about your clock in time, leave approvals, payslip and vistors alert. 


Manage Attendance

Clock in to work on your mobile with a selfie and the app will take care of the rest.



MyInfo is a comprehensive information profile that includes personal details, employment history, training records and your personal files. 

Customize Your Own Dashboard

Make your JustLogin app your own by customizing your personal dashboard with your favourite widgets.


Latest Clock-In/Out

View your latest clock-in/out timings to make sure everything's in order.


Accumulated Hours

Your total hours and overtime accumulated for the month so far will be displayed.


Upcoming Shift

Check for your upcoming shifts and view shared roster calendars.


Colleagues on Leave

Take a look at the company-wide calendar to see who's in and out of office at a glance.


Pending Approvals

View any pending leave approvals at a glance so you won't miss it and approve on the go.


Upcoming Leave

Look forward to your next off day and view all your past leave history.


Upcoming Leave Expiry

Any leave that will be expiring soon will be displayed here so you will remember to consume them.


My Latest Payslip

Easily view your latest payslip  and download past payslips in one click.

Other Features


Employee Directory

Contacting your colleagues has been made quick and easy. Our mobile application's quick search feature provides work contact details and allows direct call or email.



Get notified on important information such as work pass expiry, certification expiry, and approvals for leave applications.



Customize your announcements. You will be able to broadcast any important HR matters to all employees or any particular employee.


QR Namecard

No more running out of namecards or forgetting to bring them along with you. Simply flash your QR namecard and that's it.

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Directly Integrated to Expense App

Access Expense app directly from JustLogin mobile app to easily submit and approve expense claims.

Fully Integrated Payroll Software​

JustLogin is more than just payroll. Our complete HR platform is fully integrated for the best experience.


Reduce up to 90% of your time running payroll. Fully-compliant with the latest regulations and integrated with your favourite accounting software.

Learn More >



Fully automate your leave flows and enjoy the convenience of automatic statutory entitlements, shared leave calendars and reduce time spent waiting for leave approval.

Learn More >



Manage your employees' attendance on multiple worksites accurately and on-the-go. Schedule multiple shifts, calculate hours and overtime and generate digital timesheets.

Learn More >



Say goodbye to physical receipts. Simply snap, scan and send your expense claims through your mobile app, reducing claims discrepancies and approve claims in one click.

Learn More >



Say goodbye to paperwork and focus on people. Organise your employee data and documents securely on the cloud with JustLogin.

Learn More >



Introducing Benefit, an all-in-one benefits administration software designed to make managing employee benefits, eligibility and claims easier than ever.

Learn More >

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