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Guide to Malaysia 2023 Public Holidays

Everyone looks forward to the occasional break from work. While taking one’s annual leave for a well-planned vacation can be exciting, eagerly waiting for public holidays to enjoy quick getaways also spell for some relaxing time.

Whether it’s annual leave or public holiday, employment legislation in both Malaysia and Singapore provides paid leave entitlement to its employees. (Note: As the entitlements can differ for foreign or contract workers, checking with the company’s Human Resources/Human Capital department will help clarify any uncertainty.)

Time away from work can do wonders for employees in many ways. Firstly, it helps one to reduce stress from all the work-related pressures. Secondly, holidays are also said to help boost productivity as employees come back re-charged and happier.

Stressed-out employees will ultimately see themselves facing health issues, including heart disease. One study by the American Psychological Association showed that taking time off from work helps reduce stress as people are taken out of activities and environments which cause them great anxiety.

Those who think that they have too much work in hand and put their time off on the back burner are not doing themselves any favour. A study by the World Health Organization (WHO) showed that 745,000 people died in 2016 from heart disease and stroke due to long hours at work.

Hence, to ensure that there’s a work-life balance, employees should take their holidays and vacations to give themselves a break. The happiness hormone dopamine is released as you enjoy yourself with new experiences and adventures.

Research also shows that taking vacations can help boost one’s immunity, which in turn, can help extend one’s life. A pumped-up immune system helps keep diseases at bay, enabling one to enjoy a healthier life. Did you know that traveling to different places exposes you to different pathogens which add to your immunity database and eventually help protect you better?

So, when it’s time to go on a holiday, leave your work worries behind and give yourself a good break. It will do your mind and body some good and you can come back recharged, too.

Here’s the ultimate guide to Malaysia Public Holidays in 2023 to help plan your break.

For employees who want to plan their leave and for employers who need to track their staff’s leave, JustLogin’s leave management component, Leave is a hassle-free solution for leave planning and tracking.

With the mobile-centric leave software, leave management is easily accessible at all times. Apply for leave and see it approved within minutes on the user-friendly app. The personal leave dashboard allows both employee and employer to view their own and their team’s leave status respectively. Employees will also be automatically assigned their public holidays, making leave compliance an easy affair.

Leave also allows one to apply for leave in days, half day, or even time off for a couple of hours. As each employee will be assigned to an approval officer, the app allows for up to two levels of approval, making leave application and approval a breeze!

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