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JustLogin’s January 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Despite everything that’s happened in 2021, JustLogin never stopped improving! We worked tirelessly to meet all your requests and foster new partnerships to ensure all your HR needs are taken care of smoothly. Here’s what we have to offer you: 

1. Making It Better


Yes, we heard you.

Due to popular demand, we have introduced a myriad of new features to our leave module. You can now assign leave types to specific employees, support both financial and anniversary year entitlements, delay applicability of leave following probation period and other small features to solve all your leave management woes.

Assign Leave Type

Anniversary Option

Financial Option

Probation Period

Advance Leave Option

Hide Leave Type


Your time is precious to us

Knowing that your time is precious, our attendance module has received a complete upgrade! With cutting edge technology, v2.0 of our attendance module has up to 400x performance improvement on all attendance reports.

2. Widening Our Horizons

LHDN Approval

We are aware that accuracy and statutory compliance is vital when it comes to payroll calculations. Therefore, we ensured that our newly launched Malaysian payroll module was reviewed and approved by the Inland Revenue Board or also known as Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN), giving you the peace of mind you truly deserve. 

Statutory Leave Types

Ultimately, statutory regulations apply to our leave module which has been evidenced by our expansions to Malaysia and Hong Kong. To better cater to our diverse clientele, we ensured that country-specific leaves (sick leave, hospitalization leave, maternity and paternity leave etc.) were incorporated into our system. 

Public Holiday v.2.0

As we continue to broaden the outreach of our services, we understand the need to include state specific holidays instead of just country-specific holidays. Hence, to address the need for such features, we have upgraded our leave module to better support this. Furthermore, organizations that have employees operating in different states and countries can now follow their respective public holidays. 

Hong Kong’s 713 Ordinance

In an effort to make our software compatible with the Hong Kong demographic, we have gained a more comprehensive understanding of its statutory regulations.

3. System Integrations

Our Partnerships

Throughout the year,  JustLogin continues to add more partners to our network and has forged deeper integrations. At present, we have integrated with Synergita (Performance Management), RecruiterPal (Applicant Tracking), and Netsuite (Journal Entry Synchronization). Our other integrations include, 


Our integration with GovTech has brought upon several positive developments such as, 

  • Identiface: JustLogin now uses the latest secure facial detection offering from Govtech (in liaison with ICA), so that access to your account is much more secure 

  • The Mobile Safe-Entry clock-in & clock-out which allows employees to clock-in safely to work with the Auto SafeEntry check-in & check-out on our mobile app. With this feature, employees no longer need to scan the SafeEntry QR code upon check-in. Our mobile app has been integrated with TraceTogether in an effort to automate SafeEntry’s check-in and check-out process. How does it work? It’s simple! Once the user is within the geofence location and clicks on the clock-in & clock- out option on the mobile app, the Auto SafeEntry will then be triggered and the user will be notified upon successful check-in & check-out with SafeEntry.  

  • SafeClock’s safe-entry clock-in & clock-out feature. 

  • SingPass is now available on our mobile app! SingPass Login is a new login method on our mobile app. With a single tap, you can now login to the JustLogin mobile app with your trusted digital identity from the SingPass app, without having to constantly remember your login credentials.

GovTech – Identiface

SAML SSO Integration

Users now have the added option of logging in with SAML 2.0. With SAML 2.0, you can now enjoy enhanced security, ease of user account management and a seamless log in experience!

4. Making the Most of Your Work Time

Here’s a few JustLogin features that will make your day to day work tasks a whole lot easier!

Business eCard Contact

The JustLogin mobile app allows you to create and share your digital business card and personal contact with the people you meet effortlessly! All you have to do is personalize your QR code and you’ll be able to exchange your contact details with the tap of the finger. Present your QR image to an individual and they’ll be able to add you to your contacts, even while you’re on the go. Save the trees and start using our Business eCard Contact feature today.  

User Dashboard

Instead of going through each module individually, why not view it all at once? Our User Dashboard allows you to access summaries of your information across different modules, such Leave Summary, Payroll, Expenses, Celebrations with the Month, New Joiners and others, will be made available here. 

Payroll Dashboard

Dream of having a bird’s eye view of your entire payroll data and get useful insights while you’re at it? Well, you need not dream anymore for it is now possible with our new Payroll Dashboard feature. Ranging from Payrun Process to Payroll Report, you can now see it all in one glance!

Payroll Dashboard

Instant Payroll/Lambdas

We have been hard at work this past year, trying to enhance the speed and performance of our application. Now, your pay run will be calculated instantly regardless of how many employees you may have. Additionally, the same technology has been applied to the yearly IRAS submission process, now ready for 2022 IRAS Tax Submission activities.  

In essence, JustLogin is now partnered with 3 other complementing cloud services and has extended services ranging from Business eCard Contact to customisable leave applications for each employee. There’s no reason not to sign up now. Register today!

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