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JustLogin AI-Powered HR Event: A Recap of Innovation and Excitement

The JustLogin AI-Powered HR event held on September 20, 2023, at Distrii Singapore, was an extraordinary affair showcasing the cutting-edge advancements in HR technology. With a packed venue and an electrifying atmosphere, the event unfolded with a seamless blend of anticipation, innovation, and interactive sessions.

JustLogin Event

JustLogin’s event partners GetPaid, Liquid Group, MyCLNQ Health, and Oracle NetSuite showcases significantly enriched the event, offering attendees deeper insights into the synergies between their solutions and JustLogin's AI-powered HR offerings. GetPaid demonstrated seamless payment integration, showcasing how their software can integrate effortlessly with HR systems for comprehensive payroll and payment management. Liquid Group highlighted their financial technology expertise, focusing on enhancing financial transactions and payroll processes. MyCLNQ Health emphasized employee wellness, presenting their software's role in enhancing well-being programs within organizations. Oracle Netsuite showcased their integration capabilities with JustLogin's HR software, underlining how this integration enhances operational efficiency and data accuracy within HR systems.

Exploring the Innovations: New Products and Features

The event highlighted the introduction of new products, particularly the Recruitment AI and the On/Offboarding. These additions bring a new dimension to the JustLogin suite, enhancing the recruitment and onboarding/offboarding processes.

Recruitment AI:

  • Flexible Job Openings: Adaptable job listings to suit organizational needs.

  • Powerful Candidate Sourcing: Efficient and effective sourcing of potential candidates.

  • Flexible Candidate Journey: Tailored candidate experiences for a streamlined process.

  • Audits & Reports: Comprehensive audit trails and detailed reporting.

The capabilities of the Recruitment AI module were showcased, including Resume Parsing, Candidate Summary, AI Ranking, Interview Questions, JD Recommendation, and Candidate Comparison.

JustLogin Event


  • Onboarding Process: Efficient management of background checks, access provisioning, resource allocation, policy assignments, training plans, and probation/confirmation processes.

  • Offboarding Process: Seamless handling of paperwork, access revocation, resource deallocation, policy unassignments, exit interviews, and post-exit formalities.

The event emphasized the significance of these products and how they contribute to the comprehensive HR ecosystem, ensuring smoother transitions and optimal employee experiences.

JustLogin Event

Continuous Improvements: Enhancing User Experience

The JustLogin team also presented continuous improvements made to existing features, reinforcing their commitment to providing a superior user experience. These improvements included the One-Click OED (Occupational Employment Dataset) Submission, Brand New Payrun User Experience, and Redesigned Forms.

One-Click OED Submission:

  • Simplified submission process for smoother operations.

  • Enhanced user experience comparable to using a spreadsheet.

  • Incorporated Approval Flow for a streamlined workflow.

Redesigned Forms:

  • Futureproofed forms with the latest tech-stack.

  • Flexible 7 Levels Approval and Customizable Fields for tailored usage.

  • Real-Time Notifications to keep users informed.

The event attendees gained valuable insights into how these improvements contribute to an enhanced and efficient HR management system, meeting the evolving needs of businesses.

JustLogin Event

A Day of Excitement and Innovation

The JustLogin AI-Powered HR event was a testament to the dedication and innovative spirit of the JustLogin team. With a packed venue and a vibrant atmosphere, the event provided attendees with a glimpse into the future of HR technology.

The integration of AI, the introduction of new modules, and continuous improvements on existing ones showcased JustLogin's commitment to shaping the HR landscape. The event was not only an informative and educational experience but also an opportunity for attendees to engage, network, and explore the boundless potential of AI-powered HR solutions. JustLogin continues to redefine HR management, and this event was a significant milestone in that journey.

Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from JustLogin as they continue to lead the way in AI-powered HR technology.


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