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Recap on “HR Horizons: Elevating Employee Experience with JustLogin and Xoxoday” Webinar

On November 29th, 3 pm MYT, we had the privilege of hosting JustLogin’s Customer Success Managers, Desmond Chew, and Cammie Chung, as the keynote speakers for an enlightening webinar titled ” HR Horizons: Elevating Employee Experience with JustLogin and Xoxoday”. With participants eagerly joining the session, the webinar provided a comprehensive overview of key topics, including JustLogin’s Benefit Module, Custom Form Mastery, and the Letter Template Feature. Our esteemed partner Xoxoday’s regional head, DM Varun has also uncovered strategies for building a robust employee culture in a digital work environment with Xoxoday. Below, we summarize the key insights and takeaways from this enlightening session:

JustLogin Webinar Speakers from CS Team and Xoxoday

JustLogin Insights:

Enhancements to JustLogin’s Benefit Module

1) Claim Approval Process:

  • The approval process is conveniently conducted through the JustLogin web portal.

  • Approving officers access detailed information, including submission date, claim amount, and attached documents for reference.

  • A summary on the portal indicates the remaining benefits for a specific category.

Benefit module

2) Enhanced Approval Workflow:

  • Introduction of a 7-level approval workflow for heightened control and customization.

  • Accessible through the company settings on the approval tab.

  • Flexibility to configure workflows universally or for specific individuals based on roles and departments.

Benefit module

3) Robust Reporting Capabilities:

  • Super admin and module administrators benefit from comprehensive reporting functionalities.

  • Generate detailed summary reports offering valuable insights into benefit utilization.

  • Delve into benefit category submissions by all employees over the years.

  • Detail benefit category reports provide a comprehensive overview of usage patterns within the organization.

Benefit module

These enhancements signify a significant step in streamlining and customizing the benefit claim approval process within JustLogin. Administrators can now wield a higher level of control and gain deeper insights into benefit utilization, contributing to a more efficient and informed HR management process.

Unveiling JustLogin’s New Feature – Custom Form

Custom Forms are the spotlight features recently launched by JustLogin. These features mark a significant advancement in the capabilities of the JustLogin platform.

1) Custom Form Exploration:

  • Covering key aspects of Custom Form, including configuration, adding custom fields, assigning custom forms, and the multi-level approval process.

  • Highlighting the checkbox feature within the custom form adds versatility to form creation.

Custom form

2) Creating a Custom Form:

  • Accessible under the configuration section.

  • Utilize the “Create New” option in the top right corner to initiate the custom form creation process.

  • Input the form name and include necessary descriptions (limited to 150 characters).

  • Click to continue after filling in the required information to complete the form creation.

Custom form

3) Customization Flexibility:

  • During the custom form creation, users can identify fields that are not available by default and customize them according to their specific needs.

  • This customization ensures that the forms align seamlessly with the unique requirements of the users.

Custom form

4) User-Friendly Interface:

  • The process is designed to be user-friendly, allowing a smooth experience for users at every step.

  • The interface is intuitive and efficient, from initiating the creation to filling in details and finalizing.

These new features empower users to tailor their experience within JustLogin, offering enhanced customization and efficiency in managing custom forms.

Streamlining Communication with JustLogin’s Letter Template Feature:

The second highlight of the webinar is the addition of a new Letter Template feature in JustLogin. Addressing the key differences between adding a new section and adding a new letter template.

1) Creating Letter Template Sections:

  • Adding a new section involves creating a category for the letter template.

  • Example: HR Orientation section where all relevant letter templates can be organized.

  • Provides a structured and organized approach to managing letter templates.

Letter template

2) Adding New Letter Templates:

  • Involves creating a completely new letter template.

  • Offers the flexibility to customize each template based on specific requirements.

3) Customization Process:

  • Users can customize the letter template by inputting the title, description, subject, and email for replies.

  • Selection of the section to which the letter template should be assigned.

  • A notable feature is the ability to attach files directly to the letter template.

Letter template

4) Email Placeholder Integration:

  • The customization process includes selecting email placeholders available on the right-hand side.

  • These placeholders dynamically incorporate information into the email based on the selections made.

5) Loading Letter Templates to Emails:

  • After creating the letter template, users can load it directly to emails within the People module.

  • This streamlines the communication process, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

This addition to JustLogin introduces a powerful tool for creating, customizing, and managing letter templates, offering a streamlined approach to communication within organizations.

“Building a Strong Employee Culture in a Digital Work Environment” by Xoxoday:


1) Xoxoday Rewards Integration:

  • The webinar then delved into the integration of Xoxoday, bringing forth a powerful platform for rewards and recognition.

2) Extensive Brand Network:

  • Xoxoday has established partnerships with over 5000 brands across Southeast Asia. In Singapore alone, users can access rewards from a rich portfolio of 150+ brands.


3) Diverse Reward Redemption:

  • Earned rewards, in the form of points or gifts, offer versatility in redemption. Users can use these rewards to acquire various merchandise and gift vouchers across Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

4) Familiar Brand Benefits:

  • Users can enjoy rewards from well-known brands like Lazada, PM, IKEA, Grab, Uber, and more. This integration brings everyday brand benefits to the fingertips of users.

5) User-Friendly Redemption Process:

  • The redemption process is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience for users. This Xoxoday integration not only recognizes and rewards excellence but also adds a layer of excitement to everyday experiences with a diverse array of redemption options.

Xoxoday and JustLogin

Engaging Q&A Session:

Our participants posed thought-provoking questions, ranging from the practical application of JustLogin’s features to the integration of Xoxoday into existing subscriptions. Here are some highlights:

  • Letter Templates Clarified: A standardized lease of email templates with dynamic placeholders to simplify communication processes.

  • Expense vs. Benefit Module Distinction: The key difference lies in capping; the Benefit Module has a cap, whereas the Expense Module does not.

  • Taxable vs. Nontaxable Items: Unfortunately, direct differentiation in the module isn’t possible, but benefits link to a pay element on the payroll module.

  • Formatting Amounts and Upgrading: Yes, you can include commas for amounts above 1000 units, and these features are available in the JustLogin Express version.

  • Xoxoday Subscription Details: Features are separate subscriptions but come with preferred rates for existing JustLogin clients.

Closing and Next Steps:

The webinar’s dynamic closure featured an engaging Q&A session, providing participants with an opportunity to seek clarifications, discuss practical applications, and gain insights into the benefits of the presented features and integrations. The speakers’ enthusiastic responses to inquiries went beyond theoretical explanations, delving into real-world scenarios and exploring the roadmap for potential future features and offerings.

As the session concluded, participants were encouraged to contribute their feedback through a survey form, emphasizing its pivotal role in tailoring future events to meet their specific needs and continuously improving the overall user experience.

A Thank You Note:

A massive thank you to all who made this webinar a success. Your active participation and insightful questions are the driving force behind our commitment to pushing the boundaries of HR excellence. Here’s to elevating employee experiences and exploring new horizons together!

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