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JustLogin 2022 New Features

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Happy New Year! The past year has seen tremendous growth and achievement for JustLogin. As we usher in the new year, JustLogin is still looking for ways to make HR management simpler for you. From introducing exciting new modules to global expansion, here’s everything you can look forward to in 2022!


Data management has never been easier.

Our latest employee data management portal is equipped with impressive access level configurations which allows you to centralise all your employee information, bidding farewell clutter. Additionally, you can now digitise hard copy P-Files and upload them to our Files and Notes feature, allowing you to securely access them from the comfort of your home.

JustPeople – Employee Information

JustPeople – Employee’s Basic Information

JustPeople – Employee’s Employment Information

Transport Claim

Go the distance …… efficiently!

Employees can now manage their travel expenses more efficiently with Transport Expense. All you have to do is enter the distance travelled and your mileage expenses will be automatically calculated based on preset rates per km or mile. Apart from that, with Transport Expense, employees can record their claims through Map, GPS, Odometer and distance.


Clock in the safe way

You can now clock in safely to work with SafeClock, which has a contactless temperature scanner, attendance tracker and door access, all-in-one! It is fully integrated with JustLogin’s HR Management system, meant for centralised employee information whilst monitoring the SafeEntry Management System set by the Ministry of Health.

In addition to that, JustLogin recently launched a Shared Device feature which benefits co-working spaces or premises with multiple entities. With this exciting feature, you need not purchase a separate device but share it with other entities. All entities must utilise JustLogin and subscribe to our SafeClock module.

SafeClock Summary Page

Device Configuration Page

SafeEntry Setting Page

Custom Notification

Information overload, no more!

Have you missed out on important dates or been overwhelmed by too many notifications? Fret not, for JustLogin’s Custom Notification is here to save you from information overload. Custom Notification allows you to customize your notifications according to criteria, timing and group of receivers. Now, you will no longer be flooded by tons of notifications!

Custom Reports

We’re all about that customisation

JustLogin’s Custom Reports allows you to customise reports to suit your needs! Apart from having the system’s standard report, you can now customise cross-module reports with nearly all the data available in JustLogin. This would include,

1. General Features

2. Payroll Features

3. Expense Features

Not forgetting, Custom Report is secure and access controlled.

Custom Reports

To reiterate, JustLogin is your all-in-one HR solutions provider. Throughout 2021, we’ve come up with 5 new systems that were built to help you streamline all your HR needs. Sign up for JustLogin today to experience all the wonders of these HR systems!

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