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Microsoft Teams Integration HRMS

JustLogin for Microsoft Teams


Create a Collaborative JustLogin environment with Microsoft Teams

Access to your JustLogin account without the need to open a new tab or window and enjoy JustLogin's features from within Microsoft Teams!

JustLogin for Microsoft Teams
Run employee payroll

Run employee's payroll

Roster plan

Plan roster for your employees

Apply and approve leave

Apply and approve leaves

Leave configuration

Configure leaves

All within Microsoft Teams!

JustLogin for Microsoft Teams

How to Integrate

  1. From your Microsoft Teams account, click on the “Apps” icon.

  2. Search for JustLogin and click “Add”.

  3. Login using your JustLogin ID or you can also login with Microsoft.

  4. Done! You can now access your JustLogin account within Microsoft Teams!

Live Collaboration with Teams Meeting 

As we want your collaboration experience between Microsoft Teams and JustLogin as useful and seamless as ever, integrating both will allow the roster in JustLogin’s Attendance Module to be shared while in a presentation in Microsoft Teams! 

JustLogin for Microsoft Teams

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